Commercial construction landscaping services is one of the best investments you can make for your property. It raises the property’s value and is also a safe bet that will pay you dividends in the long run. Here at Dimensions, we strive to create a clean, neat, weed free appearance. Most customer opinions regarding a business are initially formed by the appearance of the grounds. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we enhance manicured perfection.

Give Your Business The Aura It Deserves!

Our commercial landscape maintenance services offer:

  • Consistent and dependable service
  • Attractive outdoor designs
  • Better curb appeal
  • Value-based, predictable maintenance expenses


Property Maintenance- Grounds Maintenance
Facility Services – Complete Property – Building Clean Outs
Parking Lot Services – Car Bumper Removal & Installation – Line Striping – Asphalt Repair
Professional Landscape Design & Construction Services
Pressure Washing
Hardscaping Work (Pavers, Retaining Walls – Natural Stone, Segmental Wall Block, Railroad Ties, etc)
Concrete Sidewalks, Belgium Block Curbing, Cobblestone, Steps, Cinderblock, Brick, Cultured Stone, Natural Stone Veneer
Driveway Removal & Installation ( Asphalt, Pavers, Concrete )
Drainage Systems
Seasonal Flower Programs
Lawn Renovations – Dethatching – Slice Seeding – Aerating – Overseeding
Sod Installation
Digital – Computer Landscape Design
Plant Installation
Landscape Lighting
Paver Patio’s – Walkway ( Repair & Installation )
Custom Masonry Services Concrete Sidewalks, Belgium Block Curbing, Cobblestone, Steps, Cinderblock, Brick, Cultured Stone, Natural Stone Veneer
Drainage Systems
Excavation, Land Clearing, Grading
Stump Removal – Grinding
Mulch & Wood Chip Installation
Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Programs
Spring & Fall Clean Ups
Leaf Removal & Disposal
Fertilization Programs
Plant Bed Maintenance
Topsoil – Removal – Installation – Grading
Complete Snow Management Services ( Plowing, Salting, Relocating on or off Site )

Landscape The Right Way!

From design through delivery, we collaborate with each of our customers to ensure on-time project delivery without compromising the high quality of service. With years of expertise in general contracting and landscape design, we can help you with comprehensive landscaping solutions.


Thanks to our years of industry expertise, we take pride in offering high-quality landscape creation, execution, and maintenance services. We consider all factors to guarantee that your property’s upkeep remains intact.

Spring & Fall Clean-ups R.C.

Spring and Fall Clean Ups are an essential aspect of property maintenance as they start off and finish up the season leaving your property’s Facade clean, neat, and well maintained. We offer seasonal landscape and maintenance services. We have a team of experienced staff who put together their years of knowledge and expertise to assist you in understanding how to keep your property pristine.


At Dimension’s Landscape Design and Construction Inc., we pay due focus on our clients’ safety – both residential and commercial. We offer comprehensive consultation and maintenance services, including plant installation & maintenance to snow removal, to ensure facility managers keep their sites safe and accessible throughout the year.

We provide a comprehensive strategy to ensure proper tree growth, general plant health, increased property value, and reduced pest management needs. We offer customer-friendly maintenance programs tailored to your site requirements.

  • Complete Property
  • Building Cleanouts
  • Hardscape Repairs

We take care of the grounds while you focus on your tenants/residents.

At Dimensions Landscape Design and Construction, Inc., we assist property managers and leasing agents with their diverse landscaping requirements. We envision providing outstanding complete landscape services to each of our customers.

Communication is an essential aspect of everything we do – from project planning to execution to delivery – to ensure our clients are satisfied with our services. Our mission is to improve the curb appeal of our client’s commercial and residential properties, to ensure they get the best value for money. We take all aspects of landscaping into account. We strive to deliver all of our projects on time, without compromising the quality of service execution.

We follow a strategic approach to managing your properties landscaping needs by providing professional services with unparalleled customer service, thereby winning your trust and loyalty. We are dedicated to providing all the support you – being our client – need to ensure smooth execution and delivery of the project, keeping your needs front and center.



Make your landscape stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Investing in a new plant-scape is the quickest and easiest way to transform the look of your house.

Let us tailor, design, and install beautiful trees, shrubs, and seasonal plants that will transform your yard to your liking. Our professional team members have the knowledge and expertise in knowing and understanding which plants flourish in which environments. We have a large selection of plants ranging from Deciduous to Evergreen Shrubs & Trees, Ornamental Tree, Annuals, & Perennials that will suit your needs. WE ALSO INSTALL SPECIMEN PLANTS!! Our staff will visit your site to ascertain your requirements about the landscape design you desire.

Plants are placed in strategic locations to effectively use the space, thereby increasing and complementing the ambiance of your residential or commercial property. Our landscaping professionals will quickly cater to your preferences and requirements and make your space clean, neat, well maintained, and aesthetically pleasing.


From landscape designing and construction to maintenance, we have got you covered!

Dimensions Landscape Design & Construction, Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest level of service for its commercial and residential clients by providing them with premium-quality, and sustainable services.

Plant & Turf Maintenance Programs, Spring & Fall Clean Ups, Fertilization Programs, and seasonal upgrades are all included. Whether you want us to manage a residential/commercial landscape or a whole estate, we ensure that your property investment exceeds all expectations.

We manage and execute comprehensive landscape construction projects for New Jersey residents

  • Commercial Patios Services, pathways, and garden/planter boxes
  • Retaining Walls, curbs, and Railroad Tie Wall construction
  • Outdoor Seating – Residential & Commercial
  • Sod removal/replacement, grading, and leveling
  • Pavers, Concrete Slabs, brick, and interlocking stone, driveways, Belgium Block Curbing, fence and deck construction

Most property owners – both residential and commercial –  strive for perfection when it comes to the landscape design aspect and commercial maintenance services of their property. They can now trust us. Our lawn care experts are here to assist you! We understand the value of every one of our clients. Therefore, we sincerely attempt to deliver top-notch customer service and support to our clients.

Check out what we offer:

  • Lawn aeration
  • Soil testing and treatments
  • Weed control
  • Insect management
  • Fertilization
  • Sod Installation
  • Grading
  • Watering
  • Mulching
  • Thatching and more.



Sod or turf is an integral part of designing a sustainable landscape. A well-designed and maintained garden or lawn comes with various benefits, including but not limited to; reduced erosion, improved air quality, water quality, etc.

What Do We Offer?

  • We renovate your lawn to augment its ambiance, boosting its overall look.
  • We use state-of-the-art machinery that rapidly mixes fresh topsoil and organic additives into the existing soil to enhance planting conditions
  • To ensure quick results, we plant high-quality turfgrass that is drought tolerant and disease/insect resistant
  • We also offer a strategic watering plan to ensure optimum results while keeping the new grass adequately moisturized

Nutrients. Water. Oxygen

We provide lawn aeration services to clients throughout New Jersey.

The soil plays a significant role in growing grass in your yard. Our lawn aerator pulls plugs from the ground, creating air pockets that allow water, fertilizer, and seeds to reach the plants’ roots readily. This results in less compacted soil and thicker greener lawn, allowing the roots to extend and develop in a timely fashion.

Dethatching, core best commercial lawn aerators, slice seeding, and or a general overseed of the grass are all part of our landscaping services.

  • Stronger Roots
  • Relieve Compaction
  • Increased Nutrients

Lawn Aeration


Scraped. Dethatched. Removed.

Dethatching is a great way to improve your lawn’s overall look and quality. Grass needs space to grow.

Do you require the services of a de-thatching company?

Our lawn care experts will power rake your lawn to remove the dead grass. We then collect all debris and remove it from your property, leaving the lawn clean and neat with plenty of room to expand the landscape.

  • Improved airflow
  • Increased nutrients
  • Prevention of molds & diseases
  • Improved turf health

Add Attractiveness and Versatility to Your Landscape with Retaining Walls

Retaining walls and curbs are constructions used to keep the soil intact. However, when strategically incorporated into a landscape design, they may give a broad range of aesthetic & functional benefits, including:

  • Appealing appearance
  • Better overall space utilization
  • Keeping soil from eroding or moving
  • More inventive use of sloping terrain

Natural Stone, Segemental Wall Block, and Wood Construction Services

Our landscape construction workers can design beautiful and unique walls utilizing the following materials:

  • Concrete/Segmental Wall Block
  • Natural Stone Veneer, Cultured Stone – all shapes, colors, forms, and sizes.
  • Wood: Railroad Tie Retaining Wall & Deck Construction

After all, your satisfaction is our priority.



When it comes to mulching, we consult with our clients and help them choose which mulch best suits their landscape. Whether it is for weed control or as part of comprehensive lawn care and landscape management plan. Mulch is extremely important to the landscape and provides the following:

Mulch insulates the ground – It keeps plant roots cool in the summer and warm in the winter
Mulch helps retain soil moisture, decreasing watering needs during hotter dryer summer months
Fresh mulch in the landscape brings cohesion to your planting beds – It ties everything together
Mulch reduces weed germination by 85%
Decomposing mulch adds nutrients to the soil which plants use to photosynthesize and maintain good color and flowers
Roots like mulch – Research has shown plants that have mulch over there roots develop finer root hairs giving more vigor and better response to pests and environmental stresses
Mulch covers up undesirable landscape features such as landscape lighting wires, sprinkler heads, shrub clippings, etc.. keeping the landscape neat and clean looking
Mulch helps prevent erosion –  Rain drops can dislodge and transport soil particles – Mulch on top of the soil absorbs the raindrop velocity and prevents the soil from being washed away
Gives separation between grass and the base of the plants – Lawnmowers and string trimmers that get to close can wound the base of the plants providing an opening for insects and fungus to enter
Helps relieve and prevent soil compaction – This occurs by both padding foot traffic and providing an ideal environment for microorganisms and worms that bump around and tunnel creating more pore space in the soil